The TEN Blocks Sabotaging Your Success

For healers, coaches and mystics.


You're a healer, coach or mystic who wants to help others, but you're not seeing the success you desire.

There are 10 blocks sabotaging your success. You may not even be aware of them!

The 10 Blocks Sabotaging Your Success is a guide that will identify and help you overcome these blocks. With this guide, you'll be able to start achieving the success you desire and helping others in the process.

About Sarah

Sarah Lines helps soul-driven, healers, coaches & mystics on a mission to delete old paradigms to more deeply connect with their inner being and activate their purpose. As a Soul Alchemist, Launch Strategist and Channel, Sarah leads visionary women into superconscious creation to manifest the life and business of their dreams, catapulting them into financial and spiritual ascension, living purpose driven lives.

With lifetimes of experience, she has helped hundreds of clients awaken, ascend & powerfully create new realities. Creator of the Goddess Alchemy Academy, Sarah has authored multiple books including international best sellers.

What are you gonna learn in this guide?

You are going to learn the 10 most common blocks sabotaging your business success and how they may be manifesting in your life and busness:

  • That prevents you from fully being seen from your soul mate people
  • That stops you from being truly heard by the people that need to hear your message
  • That keeps you stuck in a perpetual cycle of doing 'all the things' and seeing no results
  • Feeling like giving up - because it shouldn't be this hard right?

Who is this guide for?

This is for spiritual women in business who:

You are ready for those higher figure months to be your new normal, but it feels stressful, overwhelming and difficult.

Despite how much time and energy goes into creating your business, you always seem to end up disappointed.

Your fear of failure or fear of showing up gets in the way of you being your true self stepping into your true power.

You know what you are currently doing isn’t working, you can feel yourself self-sabotaging your success.