Soul Alchemist, Business Strategist & Bestselling Author Sarah Lines presents:



What if you no longer had to worry about when your next sale will come in?


What if you could turn up a dial in your business and sales would just flow in?


What if you were hitting your money goals consistently and predictably every single month?

Hi, I'm Sarah! And I used to be just like you...


I used to constantly struggle with sales and not knowing when my next client would come from.


For 2 years, I consistently promoted free sales calls got no sales. Well maybe one!


I tried promo after promo but it was falling flat. Until the Feb of 2021 where I finally had a 5 figure launch.


I was shocked but I knew I was on to something…  because my successful launch was easier and more fun than anything else I had ever tried in my business.


The secret was my unique combination of tangible and intangible energies mixed so beautifully together which brought in my first 5-Figure Launch.


Since then I have distilled and refined this process to help other coaches, healers and mystics to do the same.

Because it’s not really about doing all the things.


Let’s face it… if you’re here you’ve probably tried everything.


You’ve posted content every day, you’ve done discovery calls, you are always hanging out on social media. You are constantly online… Yet the sales are not coming in. You might get a trickle here and there. But nothing predictable. 


The reason why you are still here even though you have been doing everything is because you are missing out on your own soul flavour.


The strategies 'everyone is using' make you sound like everyone else so you never really attract the sales you want.


To win you need your own soul style.

And it is not your fault Goddess!


There are two myths that you believe are true that are actually sabotaging your success.


Myth 1: You need more marketing tactics


You are probably seeing posts talking about secrets and hacks to the next level. But the truth is you don’t need more… You need your own. A strategy that you wake up every morning excited to implement. A strategy that feels aligned…


Myth 2: You need to work clear another block


You’ve been working on your blocks forever and you will continually be working on your blocks. Healing is never done and if you stay in the loop of constantly improving yourself without selling, then you will be out of a business before you even get started.

Here's how you know you have a soul-aligned strategy.


Here’s how you know you have a soul aligned strategy —


Scenario 1: You are planning a launch for your next offer


The Old Scattered Strategy: You try to someone else's launch strategy but you don’t know any of the behind the scenes stuff or how they got people in their lauch 


Your Soul Aligned Strategy: You look at your own strengths & gifts and tap into your soul to create a launch that lights up you and your audience.


Scenario 2: A potential client says your offer is too expensive


The Old Scattered Strategy: You hugely lower your prices to make the sale which feels like sh%t.


Soul Aligned Strategy: You’re excited because your prices excite you -- and you know you are worth it Goddess.

➡️ You are struggling to earn more money consistently

➡️ You feel like you have to hustle to bring in any kind of income

➡️ You are feeling overwhelmed by 'all the things' and still arn't scaling

➡️ You are sick of charging $100 a session for your sacred work


➡️ You are overgiving with minimal return


➡️ Your sales are all over the place, you never know what income is coming in at any given time


✔️ Deep connection with loads of support, strategy and high level frequency

✔️ Connection with other incredible entrepreneurs in a super supportive environment

✔️ Clear resistance to how you show up and unveil your sacred message

✔️ Learn how to cultivate deep connections as you grow your audience & rise as a leader

✔️ Map out your 5 figure launch and your 6 figure year from a place of alignment & flow

✔️ You’ll leave knowing exactly how to get it all done




Get booked. Love your business and create consistent 5-figure months.

Even if you have never launched before.

Even if you’re an introvert.




The 5 Figure Launch Goddess is a 12 month group coaching experience for coaches, healers & mystics where I teach soul aligned launching so you can share your sacred work, attracting dream clients and cash consistently with ease so you can stop working all day and start enjoying your business. 


You will get all the tools, shifts, and support you need to get out of the scattered strategy rollercoaster and start getting soulful sales.


This program isn’t sales machine where you come in and get forgotten…


It’s time to get rid of the sh%t that's not working and start using a soul aligned strategy that is especially yours and brings in consistent sales.


You can get that using my unique system.

Program includes:


Lifetime access to the digital content

12 months access to live weekly coaching

Guest expert trainings

Swipe files, templates and workbooks

A 5 figure launch kit, giving everything you need to launch

Energy clearings & activations to support your business




When you join this program you will learn:


✔️ Soul aligned strategy 

✔️ How to create a soul aligned offer that will sell

✔️ How to unveil your sacred message & create magnetic copy

✔️ How to grow your audience & rise as a leader

✔️ How to map out your 5 figure launch and your 6 figure year from a place of alignment & flow

Who this is for:


⚜️ You are a healer, coach or mystic and you know you are here to share your sacred work with the world


⚜️ You are coachable and ready to do the work get to the next level


⚜️ You are looking for a simple plan that creates clients and cash in a way that feels good to you


⚜️ You want to expand using spiritual energies and tangible steps you can follow 



Who this is not for:


You are not coachable


You are not motivated


You are looking for a get rich quick scheme



Option 1


x12 monthly Payments


  • 12 months support
  • Lifetime access to the 5 Figure Launch Goddess digital program
  • Wealth re-code
  • Sigil magic masterclass
  • Clear oaths, vows & contracts of poverty

Option 2


Pay in full & SAVE $500


  • 12 months support
  • Lifetime access to the 5 Figure Launch Goddess digital program
  • Wealth re-code
  • Sigil magic masterclass
  • Clear oaths, vows & contracts of poverty
  • Book out 1:1 Soul-biz strategy session (VALUE $997)
  • 1 week voxer support during launch (VALUE $997)

Option 3


x6 Monthly Payments


  • 12 months support
  • Lifetime access to the 5 Figure Launch Goddess digital program
  • Wealth re-code
  • Sigil magic masterclass
  • Clear oaths, vows & contracts of poverty

Sarah Lines


Leading visionary women into superconscious creation to manifest the life & business of their dreams.

I've scaled to 6 figures this year, during a pandemic, without sales calls, while raising my special needs son.


It's your turn Goddess.


The only program you need this year to scale to multiple 5 figure months...


Let's do this!