I was able to scale my business to 6 figures, all thanks to the 3 core wounds I am about to share with you.



Activate Riches

Uncover the 3 core wounds you need to clear to activate riches in your life & business.

The most powerful Masterclass you will attend this year...

What if you could go from feeling victimized and powerless, to being in total alignment with your desires?

What would happen then!

Imagine how much more easily you can get what your heart desires when the Universe is on YOUR side.

Plus live a life where all of those dreams come true - it sounds too good to be true right?!

So let me ask... do YOU want this too??

We're going through some tough times lately - economically maybe even personally as well; but no one needs to be a victim to life or blame others because there ARE solutions available.

And I'm giving them to you for free.

Learn the 3 core wounds you must clear - to activate riches and live the life & business of your dreams!


You will learn these 3 secrets to what is blocking the flow of money in your life

1. The Ancestral Wound

Learn how Ancestral Wounds are intrinsically bonded to your money story.

2. The Witch Wound

Learn how persecution from other lifetimes is preventing you from showing up fully.

3. The Prostitution Wound

How the prostitute wound is blocking your access to sales & infinite riches.

Does this sound like you?

You inherently know you are here to do something big in this life

...but you feel blocked at every turn

You know sales is vital for a wildly successful business

...but it just feels so icky

You are so ready & willing to share your gifts with the world

...but you are afraid of being seen or heard

You procrastinate. You stay invisible. You stay in comfort.

Because it's safe...

Who is Sarah?

Sarah Lines was a homeless drug addict at her lowest point. She knows what it's like to live below the poverty line.

"I have discovered the secrets to activating riches through many different areas of healing, modalities and training. And I'm ready to share them with you, so you can activate riches in your life & business now too."

Sarah leads visionary women into superconscious creation, to create the life and business of your dreams.

Sarah is an internationally recognised soul coach, channel, business strategist and multi-bestselling author.

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