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7 Step Full Moon Ritual

Release what no longer serves you using Magical Full Moon energies...Old habits, relationships, addictions, situations... Are you ready ?

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This is the perfect time to release the old from our lives and start fresh !

The Full Moon has been significant for Centuries. Pagans would do their Rituals & Healing's under the Full Moon as the Energy would peaks then release. Love it !

It is certainly the best time to release what no longer serves us ! Addictions, relationships, foods, anything causing us pain or suffering...

*It is the perfect Crystal charger & activator !

We too can utelize this beautiful energy by simply asking ourselves what it is we would like to release that no longer serves our best and highest good then follow these steps either inside or outside under the beautiful Fullness of the high energy Moon:

*Grab a notepad & pen

1. Light a candle & some incense (or oils)...You make like to choose your favorite Crystal to work with here...

2. BREATH...Take 10, yes 10 long, deep Breaths.

Breathe in to your Heart Centre, connecting with your essence...Inhale to the Count of 4...Exhale to the Count of 4...

3. Call in Spirit, your Higher Power, God, the Universe, your Angels/Guides, Mother Nature, Gaia - Whatever Power greater than you that you wish to call in if you have one/any... to be with you during this process.

Ask them to fill you with light & love, and to give you strength and courage to release what no longer serves you at this time in your life for your highest good.

4. Take a few moments to contemplate this habit, person, relationship, or situation that no longer serves you...

NOW WRITE. Write anything and everything that comes from your mind,your heart and your whole being. Express your whole self... Whatever you write is right for you.

5. Using any of these elements - choose a way to diminish the paper.

EARTH: You may bury this

AIR: Rip it up in to a thousand little pieces and let it blow out in to the ether

FIRE: Burn it

WATER: Rip it up and throw it in to a lake, damn, ocean etc...

6. VISUALIZE: Once you have done this. Imagine this person, habit or situation surrounded in white light as you forgive it completely & unconditionally AND yourself for having had it in your life.

As you watch in your minds eye - it drifts off so high toward the Full Moon while you say this Mantra: "I'm Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank you, I Love You".

The Full Moon Swallows it up and it is transmuted in to light and love.

IMAGINE: How is your life going to look now without this in your life? Feel like?

What do you do instead ? What do you look like? Who do you hang with ? What do you wear? What do you eat ?

Feel these new feelings in your body...

7. Finish with a nice salt bath to remove any old stagnant energies !

OR go for a massage or energy healing !

Not too long ago, things seemed so dark I never thought I would feel love or see light in my life.

Every morning I woke with a feeling of dread; I felt empty inside. I felt so alone in the world. The pain was too much to bare, I used alcohol and drugs to numb the pain of living.

I needed men to measure my worth as a person. I was co-dependant and sick to the core of my being.

The depression had gotten the better of me and the anxiety had turned in to panic and living in fear.

I felt utterly helpless in life and was a victim.

I thought that was my life set in stone, thank God it wasn't !

I was experiencing a Dark Night of the Soul and have written a blog on this to help others experiencing the same path as I did.

I now feel connected to the people in my life, including my family who I lost along the way.

I love, I forgive and I found the light in my life.

This is why after becoming a healer I just had to find a way to help as many people as possible who had been through what I've been through...

It is my divine mission here on Earth to Heal, Support and Help those who Suffer as I did.

I just want you to know that if you or someone you know feel pain in your life I am here to support you and it would be a privelage for me to help you through your healing journey..

I felt so divinely guided when I created the Ultimate Chakra Clearing Program, that is why I am excited and full of gratitude to share this with you today. Learn More !

Until then Beautiful Souls !


Sarah x

PS. SHARING IS CARING ! Do you know anyone that would benefit from read this article ? x

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