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ANGELS - Do you feel them ? Signs your angels are with you

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

I do ! Let's share our experiences x

Hello beautiful souls!

So recently, when I was doing a distant healing, I had such an amazing connection with my Angels I had to go and journal it! I call upon my Angels, Guides and higher beings for help with all my healings as I am not 'the' healer - but a channel for healing; WELL I started to feel an amazing feeling, it was light, it was love, it was kind of fuzzy and warm ! What did I do? I invited it in some more! After working with the Angels for a while, I knew this was an Angelic connection (different from spirits and guides); so I asked my Angels to please increase these beautiful feelings.

The feeling then went way beyond what I have felt before, it was complete 'bliss'! I totally had to breath through it!

I then felt the lightest touch on my leg... I asked my Angels to please touch me again. I had both my hands over a crystal, I felt a tingling sensation cover my hand from the back to the front of my left hand like it was caressing my left hand, how gorgeous! I then asked one final question of these beautiful infinite beings of light, to kiss me somewhere on the face, because I thought that was special. After a moment, I felt the same tingling sensation press softly on my bottom lip for some time, when I said 'thank you', the feeling left me.

This experienced really 'whoo'd' me even though I have had experiences before - mainly because I just LOVE the Angels ! I love the synchronicities in my life and the lives of others, the Angels and provide us consistantly with their signs, symbols & messages they find a way of communicating to us if we 'see' these - totally amazing and beautiful x

Signs your Angels are with you !

  • You smell a beautiful scent when there is no known reason for it to be there, your angels are very close !

  • You see feathers, these may not typically be white, these are your angels letting you know they are around, listening to you and trying to get your attention :-)

  • Coins ! Many of us may see coins, this is a sign from your angels that you are supported and loved x

  • You may see Clouds in the shape of Angels, hearts or other beautiful shapes, these are a deffinate signs the angels are with you, watching over you and guiding you :-)

  • Flashes of light/little sparkes that catch your eye. I love this ! Do you see a flicker of light here or there but just as quickly it's gone? These are your Angel's orbs of light, these can be different colours, different colours may be different Angels ! Example: Archangel Michael is often associated with the light colour is blue. You can check out some AMAZING orb lights associated with Angels at https://www.pinterest.com/pin/304415256036724372/

  • Angel numbers - one of my favourites and most commonly occuring oh my gosh! Do you see 1111 444 555 333 ? You may see these or any other number sequences occuring frequently in your life, this is a great sign from the Angels yay! You may see these on a clock, number plates, on signs, books, anywhere you notice them you have noticed them for a reason ! Whatever the number sequence re-occuring for you at the moment take note and find out why ! This is a message from your Angels :-) You can check out Angel numbers at sacredscribeangelnumbers.blogspot.com

  • And of course if you 'feel' like you are in the presence of an Angel - don't doubt it, you probably are ! Their presence may be subtle and gentle when they place their hands on us or overwhelm us with their unconditional love! Our Angels want us to know they are with us, supporting, loving and guiding us every step of the way x

Guided Meditation to connect to your Angels x


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- Addictions to numb the Pain

I have been through the Dark Period in my life and it is my turn to help & serve others transition as I have, to see the light again..

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