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The Reiki Master Attunement

My amazing experience !

I didn't realise when I arrived at her house the journey I was about to take.

I had been so excited for this moment and knew I was ready, I was asking my spirit team and angels on the way there to be with me, guide me and protect me in loving light through out the process and to use me as a vessel to receive the attunement.

I soon arrived at my friend/Reiki Master's house to receive my final attunement for Reiki 3 and was Super excited ! We had a chat and soon settled in to her healing room where she attached a super cool gadget to my wrist to pick up my aura on her iPad to check out the changes through out the attunement.

Before I went to lay down she said "Spirit is shining through you so strongly". I agreed and said I was 'connecting' on my way in.

I lay down and she burned some Frankincense oil which has such a beautiful Spiritual smell (if that makes sense!). Frankincense is great for Spiritual centering, depression & anxiety, helps regulate emotions, opening the third eye and creating a sacred space. I talk about the use of other essential oils and their benefits for the Chakras in a link at the bottom of the page :-)

I was then given Reiki for about 10-15 minutes first to make sure I was fully open to receive.

During this treatment, my friend would lay her hands on me then move to the next position.

As she did this I could feel extra hands on my body - I knew these were my Angels, this felt like such a precious moment I didn't want it to end, it was just so beautiful and a loving experience of touch and feeling.

It was truly amazing!

When she had finished I told her what I had felt and she confirmed there were Angels surrounding me.

We then moved on to the next phase..

The Journey

The music was soft and sacred. I was completely and deeply relaxed. I was then guided...

I took my Spirit Guides hands (my protector guides) and they took me up out of the room, out of the town we were in, the Country, then the Atmosphere.

We then went up out of the Cosmos where they showed me a portal, a bright white portal shining so bright.

I had butterfly wings and I could feel then fluttering as I entered in to an elemental realm.

My Guides waited at the entrance of the portal for me as I entered..

There were Angels and fairies and other little beings and it was very very very bright. The Ascended Masters were gathered there waiting to give me instructions.

They surrounded me in my own golded merkabah and at that point I was made of pure light.

They celebrated my being there on this journey and being a complete open vessel ready to receive this attunement and the journey ahead of me now to help and serve others.

I left in my golden merkabah where my Guides were patiently waiting for me to take me back and receive my attunement.

I then received my Level 3 Master attunement in the form of sacred a sacred symbol being 'attuned' to my energy through my Chakras.

This also means that I can now do this for others and pass on this beautiful gift of teaching and attuning others to the beautiful Gift of Reiki.

Reiki Level 1 must first learn self healing. It is for this reason that when we go out to heal others that we are in a place of Love and Light ourselves.

I used to struggle through life with feelings of emptiness & loneliness, fear, addiction, anxiety, depression, emotional and mental pain and MORE!

It is for this VERY reason I created a program to help and serve others to clear their chakras and heal like I have.

If this resonates with you beautiful soul I have included a link below x

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