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Updated: Sep 13, 2018

Your Body May Be Warning You...

The Chakras are spinning wheels (vortexes) in our bodies that are connected between our physical bodies and our spiritual bodies, or our conscious mind to subconscious mind.

We have 7 Major Chakras, each of these energy centres also govern emotional and mental health.

We constantly have energy flowing through our Chakras that keep our Body-Mind healthy and Vibrant. But we also have a role to play here. Do we eat well? Exercise? Do we have fears, trauma, regrets? Are we unforgiving? This all affects the functioning of our Chakras and the energy that is able to flow through them.

Unhealthy habits and behaviours may cause stale and stagnant energy to become blocked in our Chakras. This can maifest in our bodies as sickness, disease and mental health issues such as anxiety or depression.

For optimum health, our Chakras should all be the same size and running in a clockwise direction.

Let's Take a Look:

The Root Chakra

  • At the base of the spine

  • When balanced you feel grounded (not spacey), connected, supported in life and feel that all your needs are met.

  • Emotional imbalance may appear as fears around finances, careers and survival.

  • Physical imbalance will surround the immune system, legs & feet, reproductive system, rectum, bones (eg. arthritis), sciatica and eating disorders.

The Sacral Chakra

  • Typically 2 inches below the navel

  • When this Chakra is balanced you feel passionate, enjoy pleasure, you are confident and sexual intimacy and are creative.

  • Emotional imbalance may manifest as problems in relationships, expressing emotions, addictions, fears, guilt and shame, low-self-esteem.

  • Physical imbalance include kidney & urinary issues, reproductive/sexual issues, low back pain, pelvic and hip problems.

The Solar Plexus

  • Located between the navel and the ribs

  • When the Solar Plexus is balanced you feel confident, in control, assertive and self-acceptance.

  • Emotional imbalance will come about as fears of rejection, low self-esteem, controlling or being controlled in relationships, criticism, poor motivation.

  • Physical imbalance may manifest as stomach ulcers, colon problems, pancreas issues(eg. diabetes), liver issues, gallbladder issues, digestive issues and find it hard to lose weight.

The Heart Chakra

  • Located in the centre of the chest

  • When the Heart Chakra is open and balance you feel unconditional love, joy, gratitude, forgiveness, kindness and compasson. You enjoy healthy relationships in your life.

  • Emotional imbalance will cause abandonment issues, jealousy, codependance, insensitivity, anger and loneliness.

  • Physical imbalance may cause lung problems, asthma, heart problems (heart disease), arm and shoulder issues/pain, upper back issues/pain and breast issues.

The Throat Chakra

  • Located in the centre of the kneck

  • When the Throat Chakra is balance you are able to express your authentic self/truth, you are honest, communicate clearly and effectively, you feel heard & understood, you are a good listener-you listen to 'hear'.

  • Emotional imbalance may seem like you have no will-power, you may feel like no one listens to you, you may people please or be too harsh with your words. You may listen to speak instead of listening to hear.

  • Physical imbalance may cause thyroid issues, continuous sore throat, constant colds and ear/throat infections, sinisitus,TMJ, and other facial or dental problems (growths/pains).

The Third eye Chakra

  • Located between the eyebrows

  • When the Third eye is balanced you are intuitive, have a good memory, can detect untruths, receive inner guidance & insight, feel clear & focused.

  • Emotional imbalance may include depression, delusions, paranoia, hallucinations, obsessions, failure to see the big picture, moodiness, fears, anxiety, nightmares.

  • Physicals imbalance may cause migraines, frequent headaches, visionproblems, blurred vision, sinus issues, hormonal imbalance, seizures.

Yes ! Animals have Chakras too x

The Crown Chakra

  • Located on the top of the head

  • When your Crown Chakra is balanced you feel present, connected to the people in your life, trust the divine and your inner guidance. You feel peace, joy and gratitude for life and all that is.

  • Emotional imbalance may include having issues with a higher power, confusion, fears, obsessive thoughts, rigid beliefs, anxiety, depression, lack emathy, lack meaning in life.

  • Physical imbalance may cause nerve problems, dizziness, light sensitivity, seizures.

How do you feel after reading this article? Do you think 1 or more of your Chakras may be blocked?

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