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My Astral Travel to the Ashtar Command

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I had an experience on November 14th. I had gone to my 'Sacred Place' meditatively, where I go to visit my Guides or journey to my Star family - the Pleiades.

Very quickly, I was whipped out in to the Stars at the speed of light through many worm holes, till finally, I was brought to a space ship and was teleported inside.

I found myself sitting next to a little waterfall inside the ship where a kind young woman greeted me and said she'd take me to meet the 'Captain'.

I recognised this man as 'Captain Ashtar' from the Ashtar Command, from recent research and connections with my own Star people. He was eager to meet me and very friendly.

I asked him why it was I had ended up here ?.. He responded stating that my Soul was True, and other lovely things about Earth I can't remember (I am still just remembering my whole travels & they can look fuzzy like a TV screen not in tune).

Ashtar said he had a mission for me - to tell the people of Earth the Arturians would be bringing 'Free Energy' Technology in 2 years.

I asked how would I know if this was real ?... Ashtar told me somebody (whom I will not mention) in my family would pass over with an existing condition in 2028 (exactly 10 years from now).

I was still unsure ! Had any one else been told ? What will people think, etc...

Ashtar said I will be 'shown'...Something will trigger me to the core to 'know it is ok', and that they have sent me a sign.

We were standing out a glass half bubble window, looking at Earth in its beautiful blue with its white whisky white clouds, as if it was so close...

Then I was shown out...

The next evening my son and I were driving back from the next town over, a 45 minute drive, it was dark and the skies were clear. About half way home I saw a flash of light down very low - I was taken by surprise as I thought it was on the road and their might have been an explosion or a car crash, I couldn't work out where it was as I was on a winding road. Of course my first instinct was lighting to put my mind at ease !

This flash kept occurring and was almost pulsating - it was like a rainbow, I never found the end of it...

My rational mind told me it was lightning, but something inside told me this might have been different. I left it at that.

Leaving it at that, the next day I couldn't stop thinking about my experience and what I should do about the information I had been given - I had research 'Free Energy' and "it's not a foreign concept Sarah" I was telling myself. My family and I were driving in to town (again a bit of a drive) and a song popped in to my head 'Say my name' by Destiny's Child.

Now I know my Angels use music to get through to me, so do many other people's Angels. This was Ashtar's way - he knew I would connect with this.

So How ? Where ? When exactly ?

I believe more will be revealed to us...




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