Soul Alchemist, Shamaness, Mystic & Bestselling Author Sarah Lines presents:


Discover how to clear your money karma drama so you can activate divine cashflow.

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I used to constantly struggle with money, I lived below the poverty line and was homeless and destitute at my lowest point.


For 15 years, I was in constant feast or famine - mostly without the feast!


I tried trued to get my shit together was falling flat. Dead flat every time. Until 2015 where I had my spiritual awakening.


I was shocked when I learnt about limiting beliefs and healing…  I’d never heard of this stuff! I Went down the rabbit hole - and I’m still there lol!


I felt like I’d discovered the secrets to end all suffering and so I began my mission to teach, heal & serve as many women as possible, to ascend spiritually and financially. The secret was the unique combination of tangible and intangible energies mixed so beautifully together which brought in my first 5-Figure Launch.


Since then I have distilled and refined this process to help other coaches, healers and mystics to do the same.

"I had to think about how to articulate my profound gratitude for the magic/alchemy you bring in the Rich Aligned Woman. I lived for the better part of 50 years completely misaligned with my core values. The energy journeys, alignments, and the knowledge and wisdom you present have been life changing. I have an entirely new perspective on financial health, an opportunity that's so awesome I can't talk about it yet, and a new car! I could not have focused to see this opportunity through without the "upgrades" in the Rich Aligned Woman. Thank you so much.” - Ethel



➡️ You are struggling to earn more money consistently

➡️ You feel like you have to hustle to bring in any kind of income

➡️ You're trapped in a mindset of scarcity, smallness, and suffering.

➡️You're exhausted trying to increase your income, with no results.


➡️ You are overgiving with minimal return


➡️ Your sick of living paycheck to paycheck.


➡️ You crave consistent cashflow, but you never know how much you're going to bring in each month.

Because it’s not really about doing all the things Goddess.


Let’s face it… if you’re here you’ve probably tried everything.


You’ve said affirmations every day, you’ve journalled, you are always following the guru's. You are constantly online… Yet the answer doesn't come. You might get a glimpsof hope here and there. But nothing miraculous.


The reason why you are still here even though you have been doing everything is because you believe this kind of magic is available for everyone else - but not you.


The manifesting tools 'everyone is using' make you feel like everyone else can manifest - but not you.


To truly manifest you need know in your being that you deserve it.


You're in a body on Earth, you want to be happy and feel free. But there's this weight that keeps you down - it could be the pain from old wounds or oaths, vows, & contracts keeping you stuck in karmic loops; but it's time to transcend these experiences and energies to break free now...


“I'm so glad I took the leap and signed up to the rich aligned women!! It's helped me start to overcome some of the limiting beliefs that have been holding me back and allowing me to focus on my relationship with money. Since doing the rich aligned women I have started receiving more orders within my business and put myself out there more as well as acquiring a new role with an 8k pay rise (16k rise from my base salary). Still alot to work through but this helped immensely to kickstart the next part of my journey!” - Starz

  • No more hustling for money as you align your energy to attract divine cashflow that will come to you.


  • Create a consistent flow of cash, so you never have to live paycheck to paycheck EVER again...


  • Clear resistance to how money flows into your life


  • Transform your energy from attracting lack and become aligned with high money vibes that’ll see an abundance of cash and flow in with divine ease.


  • Live your life from a place of alignment & flow


  • No longer rules by old money karma dramas



Module 1: Getting Off The Karmic Wheel


Karma often feels like an insurmountable obstacle that blocks us from freeing our souls and living with inner harmony and joy. When we reflect on our current life and think or envision our past lives, we can feel weighed down by the sheer enormity of our karmic debt as well as the struggle and suffering that it brings through lifetime after lifetime.

This Module Will…

Allow you to immerse yourself and channel the pure intention to get off the karmic wheel of debt, suffering and struggle. You will no longer feel the need to carry the karmic traumas, oaths, vows, agreements and contracts of this lifetime and of past lifetimes. This module will also release you from karmic patterns that keep you locked in the karmic wheel.


Module 2:

Clearing Ancestral Karma, Oaths, Vows.  Contracts & Agreements


The people who came before us – our ancestral line – continue to live within us through the generational inheritance that we carry. This can manifest as physical traits as well as character and personality attributes. Some of these ancestral patterns – such as karma, oaths, vows and contracts – can influence us, in our current lifetime, in ways that are destructive and damaging.

This Module Will…

Resolve the oaths, vows, contracts and agreements we are holding for our ancestors that are no longer serving us, marking these lessons downloaded, finished and complete.


Module 3:

Poverty, Struggle and Suffering Disconnect


So many of us struggle with poverty in all its forms – love, money, health, time and so much more. We struggle with different aspects of our lives and unconsciously fall into an ongoing cycle of struggle and suffering that never seems to end. This is often a reflection and physical projection of unconscious oaths, vows, contracts, obligations and agreements we may have made in this or other lifetimes.

This Module Will…

Clear oaths, vows, contracts, obligations and agreements of poverty, debt, suffering, struggle, sickness, etc. It brings in the knowledge and understanding of learning and growing, and being close to God without needing to have or recreate these experiences.


Module 4:

Disconnecting From Lack Matrix


There is a lot of lack of programming in spiritual, creative, and religious communities, especially around “charging for services”
This Module Will…

Unwind and dissolve that lack programming, that is it wrong to charge for healing work, or creative endeavors, that money isn’t spiritual, and the judgment that goes along with that, and unplug you from that matrix or paradigm.


Module 5:

Past Life Slavery Detachment


We may not be conscious of it but so many of us have experienced some form of slavery in this lifetime or in other lifetimes. Slavery is also a reality that we can create for ourselves. Pushing ourselves to work harder, faster and to do more, being unforgiving of ourselves, “beating ourselves up” over mistakes and errors and feeling like we are unworthy of happiness and abundance, are forms of slavery.

This Module Will…

Clear the shock and trauma from lifetimes or timelines of slavery in any form. Clears oaths, vows and contracts connected to slavery, including slavery to money, to any group, organization, religion or individual, including ourselves. This will also release and heal the energy imprints or patterns of slavery taken on from The Consciousness or in the DNA.


Module 6:

Collapsing Timelines


Linear “clock time” as we know it is an invention of the human mind and does not exist in the spiritual plane. This means timelines are spiralic, concurrent and run for all eternity. We are multidimensional beings experiencing multiple timelines simultaneously. 

This Module Will…

Collapse timelines that are not serving your highest and best good, bringing in the lessons and gifts from those timelines, washing clean the trauma, pain and other negatives in God’s Light. It will also align you with your highest and best possible timeline, through your own Source connection.


Module 7:

Raise Your Money Ceiling


We all have an invisible, energetic money ceiling – which is often represented by a specific number – that we cannot seem to get past no matter how hard we try. This invisible money ceiling is at work when we find ourselves falling back into debt again and again when we experience unexpected expenses that deplete our savings when we are unable to earn more despite doing what we can to increase our income and any other situation that keeps us within a specific range.

This Module Will…

Raise your money ceiling and abundance meter. It will allow you to “break through” your money ceiling, as it releases blocks that hold back the flow of income and money into your life. 


Module 8-12:

Custom Clearings





Raise your vibration. Love your life and create your dreams.

Even if you have never tried manifesting before.

Even if you have tried manifesting without success!




The Rich Aligned Woman is an 12 week group experience for women where we will clear lifetimes of money traumas and karma so you can start receiving more, attracting more and creating more money with ease so you can stop stressing about money and start enjoying your life. 


You will receive the most powerful energies (that I have EVER worked with)  tools, shifts, and support you need to get out of the feast & famine rollercoaster and start creating flow.


This program isn’t a one a done machine where you come in and get forgotten…


It’s time to get rid of the sh%t that's not working and start creating the life of your dreams.


You can get that inside the Rich Aligned Woman.

$15,000 of debt is now cleared. My husband was gifted an early inheritance to facilitate a down payment, and the purchase and sale agreement has been signed. We are set up to own our home we’ve rented for 7 years, by May. It’s happening. Now manifesting my first sale in my business. And a more aligned, fulfilling and lucrative shift in my career trajectory.”  - Katrina

What you get:


 Program includes:


  • Lifetime access to the digital content
  • 12 weeks access to live bi-weekly coaching
  • Energy clearings & activations
  • Belief clearings & intention downloads
  • Bonus clearings
  • Private support group
  • Online portal



When you join this program you will:


✔️ Access the highest frequencies available to humans 
✔️ Clear the stickiest beliefs
✔️ Unveil your true soul's way of being in this world
✔️ Clear lifetimes of karma, oaths, vows, contracts & agreements keeping beliefs & energies stuck in place
✔️ Install new powerful beliefs to bring you into alignment & flow

Lifetime access 

Get instant lifetime access to the Rich Aligned Woman digital program with 12 modules taking you through a sacred healing journey.

Online portal 

Login to the Rich Aligned Woman program portal with instant access to 12 modules that are ready to raise your vibration and activate your wealth codes.

Group calls 

Live bi-weekly group calls over 12 weeks to clear the beliefs that are 'coming up' for you during the program.

Bonus clearings

Get instant access to x3 powerful bonus clearings to clear your path to wealth, vows of poverty & activate money flow.

Private community

Get instant access to a supportive private community with other women on the same spiritual & financial ascension journey as you.


“My son's NDIS special needs funding came in today!
So happy as I can now use this money to pay for his therapy, social supports and other support needed, ive always paid out of pocket before so this is a real blessing 💕”










Option 1


Pay in full


  • Online Portal
  • Lifetime access
  • Sacred community
  • Instant access to 12 potent modules
  • x6 live bi-weekly calls
  • x3 bonus clearings
  • PLUS Activate riches (self paced program Value $1,111) EXPIRING BONUS ENDS 19TH AUGUST
  • 1:1 private session with Sarah (FOR THE FIRST 3 WOMEN)

Option 2


x3 Monthly Payments

$800 x3 

  • Online Portal
  • Lifetime access
  • Sacred community
  • Instant access to 12 potent modules
  • x6 live bi-weekly calls
  • x3 bonus clearings
  • PLUS Activate riches (self paced program Value $1,111) EXPIRING BONUS ENDS 19TH AUGUST



Option 3


x6 Monthly Payments

$400 x6 

  • Online Portal
  • Lifetime access
  • Sacred community
  • Instant access to 12 potent modules
  • x6 live bi-weekly calls
  • x3 bonus clearings
  • PLUS Activate riches (self paced program Value $1,111) EXPIRING BONUS ENDS 19TH AUGUST



1:1 Soul-Life-Biz Alchemy Session With Sarah (VALUE $997) when you pay in full.

Sarah Lines 


Leading visionary women into superconscious creation to manifest the life & business of their dreams.

I've scaled to multiple 6 figures this past year, during a pandemic, without sales calls, while raising my special needs son.


It's your turn Goddess.

The only program you need this year to become a rich aligned woman...


Let's do this!

“So I fell a bit behind in the recordings and have been committed to catching up but regardless the magic has been working!!

I have been definitely been having some money miracles happening 💯

❤️A lady offered to pay for my groceries as I’d left my card in my car. I said no I do have the money but she insisted which was so kind as this is normally something I would do to another.
It felt nice to receive it in return 🙂
💚A client sent me an extra $50 just to be kind on my sons birthday.
🧡 I booked five 1 to 1 clients in a week and then doubled my individual session price and had a new lady book.
💜 Another client wants to continue working together and sent me payment for a 4 session package.
💙 I’ve had my largest $$$ month so far this month
The most I’d ever made in month before through my business was $860 and I’m at $1200 for this month so far with a few weeks left ✨

It’s definitely so encouraging!! 🥰

Just wanted to share as so excited for this year in my business 🌸🌟” - Sarah

"I have been working with Sarah for a few years now, doing some of her programs and have seen a very positive shift in my life, both materialistic and emotionally ! Many of my limiting beliefs have been cleared (ones i had consciously or unconsciously) and I have definitely healed some things I know used to trigger me. The Alignments and clearings you listen to within the programs are life changing. I really recommend giving any of her offerings a chance, you won't regret it!💚" - Jenny