Join the six month ascension for spiritual
entrepreneurs so you can align to your six figure year.


Welcome to...

The only program you will need to scale your business to its next level of impact
and income, and make six figure years your new normal by refining your launch process.


I’m here to help you plan, strategize and execute a soul-aligned launch that generates you your most profitable year in business yet…

Creating the revenue and impact you desire in your business doesn’t need to be difficult.

Hitting a five and even six figure launch can feel effortless and be full of play, profits and purpose.

I’m going to prove it to you…

I don’t just provide one piece of the puzzle

The reason why my clients are able to successfully and effortlessly hit 5 figure launches on-repeat is because I combine the energetics of money & business with killer 5 & 6 figure launch strategies.

Take this perfect blend of soul and strategy into your next launch and nothing will stop you from smashing that income goal you've set yourself!

Most coaches out there will only give you one piece of the puzzle, either the strategy or the mindset piece.

But one won’t work without the other.

I’m here to help you prosper - spiritually, energetically and financially.

Do you feel the pull?...

Are you ready to expand your impact and income and experience true quantum leaps in your business?


There are six key areas we will work on together in The Six Figure Sorceress…

Aligned Launches in Flow

We will begin by diving deep into how to stay in alignment during your launch without comparing your strategy to others. We will go on a sacred journey together and experience future life progressions to pull your desired outcomes into this reality. You will soon know the exact steps you need to take to create a 6 figure soul-aligned business!

Super Client Attraction

This module will focus on the energetics of activating sacred client contracts, so that clients ‘find you’. No more push & pull, feast & famine or proving yourself. You will learn to show up powerfully and authentically, so you can open the portal to soul-aligned clients with ease.

Wealth Codes

This module will focus on money & activating your wealth codes using sacred light frequencies and your star family. You will receive a star family activation and be able to channel through your highest potential and align to your most optimal ascension timeline. This will all lead to your successful, soul-aligned 6 figure business.

Activating Authority

I’m going to teach you how to become a full embodiment & expression of your divine self, so you can show up fully and authentically without fear. This will result in you magnetising clients and cash into your reality. You will channel through the best platforms (Books, magazine, podcast etc) to gain authority in your field and become the ‘go-to’ expert.

Expanding your potential to receive

Here you will experience potent energies to expand your capacity to hold and receive even more clients and even more money. We will raise your money ceiling so you can align easily to your 6 figure year without any roadblocks in your path.

Content Magic

Your content is so crucial to creating the results you want to see in your business. So in module six, you will learn the secrets to attracting clients effortlessly through your content. I’ll teach you how to channel through the exact words (and energy) to code content that easily activates your soul mate clients.


You’re in the right place if…

✓ You’re a female spiritual entrepreneur who’s been in business a few years, and are now ready to step into that next level of income in your business.

✓ Launching your different offers feels difficult… It feels like you’re doing ‘everything’, yet you can’t seem to hit that goal you’ve set yourself or convert as many people into your course or program as you'd hoped to.

✓ You watch 6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs smashing their launches, wondering what you’re doing wrong and if that will ever be you.

✓ You can feel yourself getting in your own way and self-sabotaging during your launches, whether it’s the fear of showing up, the fear of failure or your self-doubt.

But you are ready…

You are open to using spiritual tools and guidance, and you are so ready to learn the steps to strategizing and executing a 5 figure launch.


What’s included?

6 months of high level, hand-holding support to ensure you are reaching your goals and aligning to 6 figures in your business

Weekly calls broken down into:

x2 coaching calls a month in a high frequency container

x2 live business energy clearings a month to release all fears, doubts and self-sabotage

Guest expert trainings from other 6 & 7 figure coaches to learn from the best

Plus, access to all these bonuses…

Launch Magic trio (VALUE $500)

Money Code Enchantments (VALUE $222)

The 5 Figure Launch Goddess (VALUE $1,497)

EXPIRING BONUS: 12 Months Access to the Womb Sanctuary (VALUE $5,000)

EXPIRING BONUS: The Rich Aligned Woman (VALUE $2,222)

Your investment today…

Pay in Full


Usually $5,000

Access to all of the above 


12 monthly payments

$500 p/m

Access to all of the above 


Save $1,500 when you pay in full before 15th July 2022! 









What makes this program different?

I provide the perfect blend of soul and strategy

Unlike most coaches out there, I’m not here to teach you one piece of the puzzle. I’m here to provide you with EVERYTHING you need to have a successful launch. You will learn to amplify your soul’s frequency and implement soul-aligned strategies. We will be constantly clearing beliefs in the way of your 6 figure year so you can align to this outcome and create it with ease without blocks showing up all the time!

The high level of support

We don’t do anything in half measures here! Inside, you will receive a high level of hand-holding, intimate support as well as accountability to ensure you are reaching your goals. There will also be trainings from 6 & 7 figure guest experts… I have heavily invested in this program to ensure you have everything you need to create the tangible results you desire.

The incredible results my clients get

My clients are able to go from inconsistent income months and working from sun up to sun down…to hitting 5 figure launches on-repeat, whilst working less. The reason why my clients walk away time and time again hitting (and totally surpassing) their goals is thanks to the framework I teach. It is tried, tested and proven to work. You could be the next success story!


Why listen to me?

Hey, I’m Sarah!

I’m a Soul Coach & Launch Strategist here to help soul-driven, spiritual entrepreneurs like you to reach your business and income goals with more ease and less overwhelm.

I will lead you into Superconscious creation, to manifest the life and business of your dreams, catapulting you into a new energy of radiance and abundance.

I’m going to teach you how I went from struggling in my first two years in business and feeling lost with the whole launch process… to finding pure clarity, smashing five figure launches and hitting consistent 30k+ months.

The same is possible for you. Let me prove it to you…

Are you ready?