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The Shadow Warrior is unafraid to go deep into the subconscious to release the fears and blocks to 'showing up' as your authentic self.

This 10 day transformation will clear the blocks and beliefs that make you hide away... from showing up...
...and speaking your truth.


This is for you if...



You are desperately shy and afraid of showing up online
You are introverted and it just doesn't feel natural for you to be on camera and share yourself
You feel really uncomfortable when you think about having to show up online consistently to be sucessful

Rise & Shine in Your Life & Business over 10 days with me


10 deep, daily prompts to uncover the root of your fear


10 belief clearings to clear the limiting beliefs blocking your success


10 belief installations to install new beliefs that will move you forward in your path



Soul-Life-Biz Alchemist


"I lead visionary women into superconscious creation, to powerfully manifest the life and business of your dreams through deep soul clearings & connection using my Soul Alchemy method.


I was a homeless junkie with nothing but a bag of clothes to my name - clothes gifted to me from welfare.

I was living off food vouchers.


After having my Spiritual Awakening I felt my calling into service; to help aid in the Ascension of the planet.


I live my soul purpose every single day, helping women accross the globe to rise and ascend into their own mission in a beautiful, abundant way." - Sarah


Become A Shadow Warrior: The Path To Empowerment




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